Wednesday, August 8, 2012

World of Cyber

Aw, the world of cyber. If you were on my contact list, you got an e-mail that declared I was stranded in Turkey with my family, with no cell phone or credit card or cash and send 1400 dollars. My first clue that this had happened began when my mother-in-law called me, asking hesitantly where I was. This e-mail wriggled its way to the church e-mail in Emporium.
As I got home, I had messages on Face book, phone calls and vague, oh, yeah, I knew you couldn't be in Turkey. I can't receive any e-mails to my lyonmissmollie account. I can read my huge folder of things I want to read. I can send e-mail out.
I set up a new account. Seems very strange to have something without Miss Mollie, but I like the way it looks Welsh. In high school, I was sometimes called Mollie Lew. My sister got the nickname, Lewie. I find it cute that my niece got Slewie, because her first name is Sarah, and it looked like that on her name tag.
I wish I had an I.T. hero. Help me with this personal lap top, as well as, my work one. Although, most of my problems there are from the software, not a windows problem. How funny these words do not mean what they did twenty years ago.
Welcome to the World of Cyber!
So my new e-mail is mollielewlyon at aol dot com
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