Thursday, August 2, 2012

Now from John Wesley

A little lazy again tonight. I'm reading The Holy Spirit and Power, by John Wesley. This last message I read "The Holy Spirit in God's Plan" again just seems to speak to today. Here are some excerpts from this chapter:
"The world was offended, because Christians testified that the works of it were evil. Pleasure-seekers were offended, because they were reproved by the Christians."
Mr. Wesley asks a series of questions about how the Christian was living, too, pages of how are you living the Spirit-filled life. The question, too, of can any country be a Christian country.
"What kind of Christian is it who is uncomfortable with the talk of Christianity? Oh, what a Christian nation this is. It is time for God to take us all into into His hand. ...
"Can Christianity be restored by our small, inconsiderable effort? We must put ourselves to the test, Iniquity has overspread us like a flood. If not us, what then shall God send? Must He send famine, plague, or war to reform us?"
A call for prayer for revival I'm putting before you. I'd rather see love. We have started a ladies prayer for revival on Monday evenings. I think of the old hymn, Sweet Hour of Prayer. This hour on Monday evenings is a sweet hour of prayer.
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