Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unplanned Ways

I have felt the prayers and well wishes. I am blessed by the love I feel. And today, God orchestrated the "chance" meeting a writer. He shared his book with me and the publisher he used. I gave him my business card. He writes for a hobby. I write for love of writing and as a source of income, I pray.
I told him several times, he was a Godsend. Meeting him blessed me. We discussed writing ideas and forms. He feels he can only write short stories. But he has imagined a female hero, where before males were his main characters.
Later in the day, I shared with a couple my desire to publish my story. I told her about it. Even though, she was in her eighties, she uses the computer. I told her about my blog, giving her my card. As I gathered all my hopes into a ball of enthusiasm, she looked to her husband, "Let's pray for her right now." And she prayed a blessing and guidance on my life. Tears glistened in her eyes as she finished. They pooled in mine, as I hugged her. My life is blessed. How do I miss it sometimes?
I know I get blinded. My struggles pile in a heap (I love the Bible uses that expression so much). My head hangs. How can anyone know or care? Yet, as I share my troubles, love meets me at every corner. I feel love for people, but sometimes the return love startles me. I think human nature makes us see ourselves as unlovely. We don't even think God can see us as worth the effort. God does love us, more than we can know, more than we can love ourselves. Sometimes, He just has to show us in unplanned ways.

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