Friday, August 24, 2012

Ups...and Downs

Sorry, I haven't posted for a few days. Life is like that. We have such great blessings, then I woke the next morning shivering and not because it had chilled down over night. Yes, fall creeps to Hermitage but I started to run a fever.
Oh, how I hated to call off. I knew the girls were short staffed. Half the staff were working. One is basking away on her year anniversary. Another soaks up the last of her maternity leave and someone else like me was sick. Oh, brother.
So for two days, I crawled around. Did go to the doctor and of course when he checked it, I was normal-98.6. He felt it was a viral infection, since I didn't have other symptoms. I felt well enough to go back to work today and volunteer to see two clients tomorrow. I got home, exhausted, achy. Check the old thermometer- 99.8 and it has climbed to 101.1. Two extra strength non-aspirins, some throw-back Mt. Dew and bed soon.
Yes, I love throw back Mt. Dew, especially when I'm sick. Fortunately, I don't get sick often, as a can packs 170 empty calories. Why does water tastes so blah when I'm sick? I do drink the water, but that citrus, sugar, caffeine drink of neon green/yellow satisfies me. Yet, as my appetite decreases, I do need something.
So that is why I didn't write the last two days and after reading this in a day or two, I'll wonder why I bothered tonight.  But I did want my readers to know. I'm just having feverish dreams, now. Praying I feel better in the morning.
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