Monday, August 20, 2012

Personal Plea for Prayer

This will be more personal now than usual. I need to work on getting my novel, Main Street, published. The sense that now is the time to get moving on this is very strong. I'm thinking of self publishing, now exploring different possibilities. I just read a post by Mary DeMuth, an author I follow. She had an article today on using a program that seems simple and relatively inexpensive.
The traditional way of publishing which had been my dream includes finding an agent, pitching a
proposal and then hoping the pitch will be accepted. An agent is found at a writer's conference, usually. With this being my youngest daughter's senior year of high school and consequently, last year at home, a writer's conference seems to not be this year.
One contest fell through as I mentioned before, it was only for non-fiction. The next contest, I needed to become a member of the group's writer's guild. Not a bad idea, but the timing of paying for that membership, unfortunately, did not meet my paydays and budget. Then there was always the chance I would not win. I know there is always someone better, with more time, talent, energy.
I thought of a blogger friend who owns a publishing business. My book doesn't meet the criteria of an out of date book. That avenue dead ended.
My husband and I have decided that I need to take some time off near the end of this year. The girls are used to lean Christmases. Many times, I have had to take time off at this time of year. They have learned the real meaning of Christmas through these times. As I plan for just the living for this period, I thought, I have Main Street ready. I wrote it two years ago, had it proofread, I just revised it and the process moves along.
So in my personal part, I'm asking for prayers in this endeavor. That I will find the right publishing path. And that my book can sell enough to help while I take a leave of absence from my work. Plus, in my unbiased opinion, I love my story. I would read it. So I can sell it.
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