Saturday, August 18, 2012

Where's the Bride?

Planning the food, scurrying around, picking out the dress and flowers time has passed. Hair in curlers, the bride sits with a diligent worker painting her nails. Toes in foam spacers lifted in the air. Arm stretched out, a file flying over the cuticles. The make-up artist discussing the light and shade for the pictures. The bride will be perfect for the ceremony.
The gifts given to the attendants. Now, she is focused just on herself for her day. She busied herself preparing for the special day. Has she thought of life after the wedding? Has she thought of the Bridegroom? He is a shadowy figure as the fairy tale unfolds in her mind of pictures, music, dancing and candles, favors and decorations. He is far in the background as the Bride readies herself for the day.
The Bridegroom waits to enter the room. He expectantly anticipates their union. He, too, has been preparing, but not for the day, although, He looks forward to it. He has readied a home for the bride, a life of continuous joy for her. She has missed joy in working for this day, alone.
The time nears, but the bride still is getting her nails done. The audience sits, at first patiently, then  stirs quietly. Coughing self consciously raises from the pews. Then the murmuring at a low rumble, "What is the hold up? The groom isn't coming. The invitation had a mistake."
Then criticism of the bride, "She was lying. This is her imagination and she is deluded. She invited us to a fantasy. There is no groom, there is no wedding, there is no such thing as marriage. She is living in the past."
The Bride is not at the altar. Is she ready to meet the Bridegroom or is she still running around with no plan of a life together? Her intentions to please the Bridegroom fall short. She desires the fairy tale day and He desires a life of intimacy. He lingers as she comes to the realization that He is missing from her life. And what she longs for seems to be escaping, all the plans for the day tarnish, as she discovers she just wants the Bridegroom.
The guests leave slowly at first, some shaking their heads at the waste of time, the dressing up for nothing. Nothing is going to happen here, they think. The few who determine to see what will happen, who are not persuaded by the majority, remain in the pew. Time passes. Nothing seems as planned. The organist plays and the songs become rowdy. The Bridegroom hears from the hall, tears fall silently. He longs for His bride. Is she going to wake up and be ready? Will she notice that she needs the Bridegroom?
The Bridegroom decides He can wait no longer. He enters the front of the church. The bride is at the back of the sanctuary. She runs to the Bridegroom, no longer self conscious of her nails, her hair, her make-up. Her only desire now is her Bridegroom. She has wakened to His longing and love, seeing His presence in the world. He is everywhere for her. The long interlude has ended. The world now sees she didn't chase a fantasy. Her work had a purpose and she has glorified her Bridegroom.

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