Monday, August 13, 2012

Puttering Around

I roll around so many ideas, then when I sit here tonight, I have nothing. Maybe I should wait to write. I have a time crunch. I kicked the girls off the internet to help around the house, so I can write before I meet to pray at seven. I glance at the cursor, entertaining and rejecting ideas.
Our Sunday drive through New Jersey proved more pleasant than on the rush of Saturday to try to make it to the wedding. Soft rolling hills, names of my childhood and our country's as well dot the map and road. Hopewell where the Lindbergh's resided when their boy was kidnapped, in the crime of the century. That is the twentieth. Flemmington, where Dad bought Mom all her Phalzgraft dishes and serving pieces.  Colonial architecture and stone houses building small towns and gracing fields.
Some businesses seemed familiar along the Delaware River, like Johnny's Hot Dogs, but really can't say for sure. I know we want to go back. This could be a one tank trip from David's apartment. I felt so at home in those mountains around Wilkes Barre and Scanton. I gazed at houses, thinking I could write here. Each area has a flavor with interesting places to see and activities in which to engage. I want to hike the mountain again in the Delaware Water Gap.
Back a few posts about obligations, and I'm reminded why we don't travel to the Poconos much. I desire, but as an active teen keeps us busy here, I forgo these trips. And someone needs to mind the animals, bring in the mail, the paper. Let it be known, the house is monitored.
I always have dreams in David's bedroom. I think of it as the portal to dreams room. I'm not sure what it is about that room. I sleep well. I think I feel I'm back to when we were first married. Apartment living. I heard the little girl pattering around and know I have no idea what that apartment looks like or even the little girl. I only know because David has told me. That is a peculiar thing about living so close to people, you can hear noises, but have to use imagination as to what is happening.
I want to make the apartment a home when I'm there. I feel ownership. Amazing since I haven't even been there for I think three years. I guess that is a nesting trait I learned somewhere along the way.
I'm a bit all over and not sure where I'm going and when I'm landing the plane tonight. Tomorrow, I'll have a topic and be more concise. Just a tad tired from the riding and driving this weekend. The clouds are piling up in the sky. A grayish blue speckling bringing humid air. Monday evening. Back to work tomorrow.
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