Friday, August 3, 2012

Fun Plays Hide and Seek

This evening I don't feel lazy, but my husband just called and he is in the city of Hermitage, two to three miles away. The traffic has been heavy today with slowing at all the bridges. One time when he called he said a butterfly was passing him. So now I watch for the bronze SUV and type quickly.
I saw a butterfly today as I waited on a patient's porch. It was black and purple, fluttering by. What a sign of summer. These days have been hot but humidity is starting to grow. I feel energized by the sun's rays. I want to bike. Sunbathing and cooling off with a swim also invites me. Mmm- maybe both?  How do we get to this point where fun plays hide and seek? Too many obligations grow like weeds and as we pull them, they grow more.
Still no SUV. Maybe more traffic on 18 or State Street. He is here!
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