Thursday, January 12, 2012

Primary Fun

I have been "blessed" to live in some of the ground breaking area for presidential politics. Yes, even WM, where Alf Landon was born. After all the traveling as a kid, touring president's homes, Mt. Vernon, Springfield, IL, Lancaster, PA- Wheatland, Harry S Truman's and Ike's houses, I imagined myself, if Alf Landon had won the presidency, giving tours of his house.
I didn't understand history at that time or too much of politics. Actually, Alf was just born in his grandpa's house, the Methodist minister, as his mother passed through to Kansas. I played with Ann Lighthall in her room, maybe where Alf entered this world. A plaque marks the house, now.
I lived in New Hampshire from 1983 to early '84. The primary then was still a respectable February date. One morning after work, we went to a diner in Dover. Joan Mondale and company, sat at the middle table. The nurse with me, much older- in her 30's, pointed the candidate's wife out to us sleeping joes. Joan was the nearest to a candidate I saw, although, they made the rounds believe me. That year, the Democrats had the swollen field of hopefuls against Ronald Reagan.
Working in Ohio, a key state now  more than ever, but not so much in primaries, except for 2008,  I have been rerouted for Presidents Bush and O'Bama. Watched those black limousines rolling over the Fifth Ave from  my old office. In 2004, it sat a yard away from Stambaugh Auditorium where Kerry or Bush talked while I was prisoner in the old church building. McCain and Palin stopped at the Vienna or Youngstown Airport. My daughter saw them. They were the size of a postage stamp, she said.
I don't care what party you are, I find it fun when celebrities are in your town. The TV crews tingle with anticipation. Radio loves to do on site shows. I look forward to the fall when Ohio will again be trampled often by candidates. Reroute me to Cadwallader- Sonk Road.
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