Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Feeling Fey

I hate when I"m beginning a cold, if this proves to be that. I try to talk myself out of them. Most of the time I succeed. I'm achy all over, my head and throat feel swollen. I could just sleep all the time. This morning was the strangest, after eight hours of sleep, my arms seemed to do things on their own when I woke. I felt "fey" like Johnny Depp in Pirates. Every movement takes all my energy, like resting against the wall after stepping down the stairs.
The worst thing in this whole process, except for some forceful sneezes, no one can tell I am sick. I think my eyes may look glassy, but no one commented on that, today. I feel when we need to isolate ourselves is when it is most suspect that we are sick I've read that this is the most contagious time of a cold, if that is what I have.
If this develops into the common cold, I will sound much sicker in a few days, with the snot, congested head, scratchy voice or hoarse. But my body by then, has fought the fight and these symptoms will be the retreat of the cold. I will get sympathy,(not that I'm looking for it) and not need it then.
The worst thing that can happen with a common cold, for me, is for it to settle into my sinuses and thus they become infected. Some people, the cold settles into their lungs. I have seen many struggle with these upper respiratory infections for a long time. I feel if it choses your lungs, it lingers and lingers.
I wish it were easy to take care of oneself in the very early stages so there would be lesser chance of it worsening. Oh, if only we had that luxury. But for now, hot tea, other fluids, eat healthy- lots of citrus, hand washing, sleep as much as I can. I didn't like feeling fey this morning.
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