Monday, January 16, 2012

Vindy's Valentine Contest

The challenge came yesterday in the paper. A story about love that needs a completion in 750 words or less. I'm not interested in the prizes, although Julia's Bed and Breakfast $100 gift certificate for first prize, $50 worth of flowers and the third prize of candy would make life sweeter.
I want the opportunity to write and maybe be recognized. The problem, I'm not really interested in the beginning story. A new EMT working on New Year's Eve with his angry freshly engaged girl. Is she in the car that met head on with the telephone pole? And make the ending interesting., and of course, romantic. I'm thinking on it.
I do think on being upset when we were first married when David's fast attack submarine could go out on 24 hour noticed. And how many holiday eves did I work? Hmm, military and health care changing plans. 
I have until February 3 to write something that may be interesting.
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