Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fey Fatigue

 A quick follow up to yesterday, since I really don't have as much time to write as I'd like today. I was thinking of something witty to write to continue on the "Fey" theme or word. The loops of  30 Rock seemed to soothe my malaise last evening after a nap. This series is created by Tina Fey and I thought after I watched a disc of season one of naming a post- All Feyed Out, or Too Much Fey, Fey for Malaise. I couldn't move off the couch. How about Feyed to Black?
I don't think this is developing into a cold. I felt better this morning, but still woke with a sore throat and left gland. Fatigued, but a little more energy. Still zero times zero does not much improvement make. My upper arms seem to feel it the most. My heart beats faster with the ambulation I do. The icy sidewalk in Warren added to the stress.
I read what I could do to improve my writing and I feel so listless, hopeless, no drive. I read about Writer's Digest Conference this week in New York City. Oh, I want to be there, yet, the energy is sapped. I wouldn't have anything ready, anyways. Must get back on track, I can't even seem to push myself.
I forgive myself and my indulgence into Fey world.
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