Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birthdays and Fun- Happy Birthday, Lori Mild Dogan!

Hey, it's Lori Mild Dogan's birthday, as well as Debbie's, Darin's and Lori's little brother. Lori's birthday parties are the only birthday parties I went to for on this day. We started to be in class together in second grade. She called me after school and we would watch Barnie Bean together while on the phone. We also went to church together.
I think the first party was at her Grandma Mild's house out on 318 toward Greenfield, in third grade. Always winter weather, we stomped into her house. One of the last ones I remember was a slumber party at Lori's house in seventh or eighth grade.
Parties have changed since then, at least some. There were no Chucky Cheese's in the 70's. Well, not in the Shenango Valley. Bowling you did with a youth group or Girl Scouts, as well as, roller skating. We played fun games like pin the tail on the donkey, clothes pin in a milk bottle- it was glass- relays with eggs on a spoon, guessing games.
One year when I was an adult, my old church had a birthday party. We played all those old fashioned games, then sat at our birthday month table. We had cake, punch and ice cream, just like when we were kids. I think this was a great way to mix us up and get to know each other better.
When I asked Lori for permission to blog about her parties, because they were a big deal to attend, she reminded me of youth group fun, too. Rock-a-thon's, rocking for twenty four hours in our rocking chairs. We were allowed five minutes every hour to get out of the chair for potty and food- Wash your hands, please! I think the first one we had, we raised four hundred nine dollars. At fourteen, I had circles under my eyes. I had never stayed up twenty four hours before. I was so glad that much money was pledged while we had a blast. I slept from six thirty that evening until it was time to get up for Sunday School the next day, a good healthy sleep.
At Lori's slumber party, we danced, too. Always trying to learn the new dance moves, we let our new cheerleader, Janie Williams lead us. We ate a lot of food. I mean girls can pack away the food, too, especially after all those dance moves.
Well, no point really to this post. Just wonderful fun to be remembered and shared. Now, where is your birthday month table?
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