Friday, January 6, 2012

Seat Time

Here I am with my seat in the chair time. I listened to Jerry Jenkins last evening on a web seminar. That is probably the most important take away, as they say, from anything I've heard him say at different times. He also updated the Christian Writer's Market, which is funny since I read on Twitter that the 2011 one has old publications in it, that have been out of business for 11 years, from another writer. She is attempting the magazine route in the new year as well.
I actually have two ideas for articles. One on the best roasted coffee in the world- well maybe a bit hyperbole, but O'Neil's is very good, roasted in WM. I grew up smelling that roast smell. They have been in town since 1951. I tried getting information on the internet, but couldn't on the company itself. I'm looking forward to interviewing and maybe touring. Above the roasting plant was the Degree of Honor Lodge, an insurance company. I was the president of the chapter for a year or two. Old wooden building with the enameled kitchen and bathrooms with leaking faucets housed our meetings and Christmas parties, always the aroma of the roasted coffee clinging to the air and our clothes. As I opened a new bag of O'Neil's yesterday, sipping that first cup, I thought, now this is a cup to stop your morning routine. It's that way at the Middlesex Diner, too.
My other idea is to interview Pastor Mark Bupp after his trip to India next week. I hope The Pentecostal Evangel will like it. I'm looking forward to really talking to Pastor Mark, how God is moving in his life and India. India seems to be the new mission outreach or as the popular saying goes- India is the new Africa.
Today was an up and down day, as the whole week seemed to grind me as well. I was excited to welcome the weekend, but Katie woke worried about her future. Then, David called at 930 am, with the news he had to fly out of Pittsburgh Sunday to go to Oklahoma for a month. The news gave me a swift kick into my lower chest, like the wind knocked out of me. I thought I'm going to be a beautiful diamond with all this pressure, looking for God's will in it all. Those words of his leaving brought us closer together, like an old married couple- oh, yeah, we are.
I texted a few friends and called another to call me during her lunch. Around 2 pm, I got a voice mail, "The trip was suddenly canceled." Back to normal, as much as we can be normal with a new appreciation for my husband, always a good thing.
After today and this week, I hope you don't mind sharing in my "seat time." I needed to write, but truly hadn't thought too much of any topic. My brain felt mushy, my body, too. I wonder how I can accomplish my goals, but "seat time" is the best start.
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