Saturday, January 7, 2012


My 200th post! Can I believe that I'm still under a year from when I started this blog? This is a celebration, again and a thank you to my readers. I think my number one is my niece, Michelle. I think of her father, Herman, reading it, too. Want to keep it real, as they say- whoever "they" are. My sisters enjoy the reminiscing. Old friends join in reading about the past.
So today, if you have sunshine, as I know the southern California people do and surprisingly we also in western Pennsylvania, get out, soak it up, Vitamin D and all. How pleasant to have this break so early after a snowstorm less than a week ago.
Winter sunshine possesses less intensity. The sun sits lower in the sky and clouds gang up on the upper atmosphere more. Yet, the sun is there, and staying longer on the horizon every day.
Celebrate life again and always. Take every opportunity to live life to its fullest. Nothing new here, just encouragement. Thank you, readers. You can't know how much I love that you read my blog.
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