Saturday, November 5, 2011

Save the Music

I love driving to New Wilmington, PA and today was an exceptional trip. The sun in the bright blue sky with wispy clouds. The hill before you reach PA state 208 to turn left to the town is Amish country to me with corn stalks in their triangular shaped formation and the Amish man tilling his garden with a team of draft horses pulling his tiller. Cool outside, but warm in the car makes for a pleasant drive.
Driving through town with businesses closed, new ones opened and some are name changes. Houses for sale make me think of my mother who always wanted to live in this or any college town. Trees are mostly bare with a few sporting leaves with less than vibrant colors of orange, red and dull yellow/gold. The peak has been over, but oh, that glorious sun.
We reach Westminster College where Jameson nursing students took classes. We were the "nurses with the purses" because at that time it was unusual for students to carry much with them- no lap tops 32 years ago.
The stage where my class graduated almost 30 years ago with our all white uniforms, stockings and spanking white shoes, caps with a solid stripe across the top now, not the side anymore. I wore it three times after graduation. The men wore all white suits with the white shoes, no caps.
Today, the stage is filled with multicolored robes from 22 different schools in western PA. High school students in red, kelly green, purple, gold, powder, dark and royal blue, black robes with red or orange shoals cross the platform. The voices blend harmoniously for just joining together only a few days ago. Honors Chorus is a "disciplined endeavor" states the director from the University of Delaware.
This music moved me today. I think music saves lives for some of these kids, a purpose in singing. Such talent and to think in some districts this is the first to go. Where would this talent have a chance to make beautiful music together?
The last song written by Moses Hogan, "I'm Gonna Sing 'til the Spirit Moves in My Heart" left tears in my eyes, not just because of the words, but the purity of the voices of young people. I could hardly sing the National Anthem with the audience and choir because I'm full of emotion after the performance.
I take a different route home and overlook a valley of the Shenango River. The sun has not given up and I think this has been a wonderful afternoon. Save the music to enrich and save lives.
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