Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I Started!

The goal- 1667 words. I wrote 2064. At this rate, I'll finish Thanksgiving Day. I even wrote some it with the BBC program on J.M. Barry called The Lost Boysplaying on the DVD. I have always loved Peter Pan. I really didn't want to grow up, thinking I could fly away at twelve- seemed a good age to do so.
I'm also interested in stories about writers. I must say this program was probably closer to the truth than Finding Neverland Johnny Depp was much more handsome and whimsical than Ian Holme. The Johnny Depp movie also made it more of a love story, with Mary, Mr. Barrie's wife, much less sympathetic. The BBC one also included Mr. Davies more as well. I guess to show up the friendship of the Davies and Jim Barrie.
I gleamed this as I half watched and wrote. So glad, no editing now or I may scream and run from the whole novel writing adventure. I have written a story before, but I think the word count was about 17,000. This is to be 50,000.
Well, I must also sleep. I am excited to experience a write-in. The closest one is in Austintown, OH at a Panera Bread. I like that one, it has a fireplace. The whole NaNoWriMo promises much adventure. Something to shake up an otherwise drab month, but not today. The sun was bright, although mostly ruddy brown leaves and low 60's. Harrison enjoyed his walk, as did I.
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