Monday, November 14, 2011

Is It the Right Challenge?

I'm kind of feeling burned out at the present. I know it is only November 14. I had high hopes of writing 9000 words over the weekend to get caught up, at least. I wrote about 4000. I go on call for a week today, which can wreck havoc with my life. The dread of this week lays heavy on all of us nurses. What will it bring?
I miss the regular blogging. It took me a half hour with proofreading; I accomplished something. I miss feeling like I'm connecting quickly with people.
Today, I doubted I picked the right novel to write for this crazy writing month. Is it really a novel? Does it have enough meat? Where am I going with the slight twist on the prodigal daughter? Should I have started a period piece? Or just write something without much research, so it would flow better? Does it matter as long as I meet my word count?
The busyness of life, especially this time of year, jumped on me. My daughter is in everything and it seems we are scurrying in the car. The sunset at five PM, and dreariness on a cloudy day, lends an urgency to me that I haven't accomplished anything. I look and it is only five-thirty.
I breathe. Slowly in and out. I am tired. I tell myself God is in control. If I can't finish NaNoWriMo this year, there is next. I challenge myself, but maybe this isn't the right challenge at this time. I will make it as a writer. I will get my platform. Writing magazine articles is my next challenge after this month. I want to trust in God's timing. I am learning.
I think though, I can go to 1918 and learn with Christina patience with a young niece that hasn't even learned yet how to brush her hair. Learn with Christina, love in service to Jesus and her family. Learn to love the prodigal sister and put up with town gossip.
I will continue with the challenge. Thank you for listening.
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