Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Can't Give It Up

One last post before the craziness begins. I didn't get up as early as I had hoped. Soon after one o'clock this morning, I found a cat on my legs, he probed open my bedroom door. We're one of the few people left with a water bed and this cat loves to play with the water after he has poked holes in the mattress. So, as comfortable as we felt, I knew he had to go.
Sleep disturbed, I didn't feel like leaving the bed at 445am. Curled up until 5. Then, lingered over devotions, journaling and the Internet. I am back to work today after an 10 day vacation. Who decided five days and the weekends were enough? Even with the Monday off, a big plus, I believe two weeks is the way to go for total rest.
Katie wrote until 215am. She has afternoon classes today. She met her quota of 1667 words. I'm proud of her. I'll start this evening.
I had to communicate with you, readers, one more time. I am anxious about the staying power of writing, which is one purpose of NaNoWriMo. Still undecided which story to start. Ah, the hardest part.
Reading Cec Murphy's blog today about purple prose- too much description, too many words. Always a method to this writing. But with this month's endeavor, more words the better? To reach the goal every day. I'll find out. And hopefully let you know along the way.
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