Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Before Christmas

One of the traditions or chores I enjoyed during the Christmas season was lighting all the red wreaths we had hanging in every window in the house. This picture in our kitchen is one of them. Quietly I ventured through the house as the early evening sun began to set. I'd take a moment at the window, glance out, think a few minutes and continue with the task.
I wanted to continue this tradition in my home. My husband couldn't understand why I didn't want to make it easy with timers. I couldn't explain the wandering through the house as gentle evening prayer for peace. The twilight is mystical, opening the magic of Christmas.
I had to let this moment go when my daughter as a toddler put the whole light bulb in her mouth. And then as the years past, the cares of this time of year have removed that desire. I love to sit on the couch with a cup of tea, watching the sunset on early winter eves.
It has been said many times, this time of year, simplify, reflect. A wander through your house at evening, whether to light candles or not, can be an evening prayer.
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