Sunday, November 20, 2011

So Much to Write

This week of on-call has been challenging and I feel often I do not step up to the challenge and pass the test. I get discouraged easily and bogged down by the charting. I worry too much and don't give it up to the Lord. I miss my family and then am upset because the housework bothers me much more that it is not getting done, than if I were here not doing it. Just think about that.
My youngest daughter is cleaning her room, now. What is up with that? I'm blessed.
My oldest daughter hitched a ride with her father to go to his parents to help her grandmother prepare for Thanksgiving. I am glad I don't have to wrap myself around a holiday dinner with the long work weekend I had. I'm used to driving, so 150 miles several times this week as we try to see family is more what I can do. Darn the Hornets for being such a great team this year. There is a play-off game on Saturday at Edinboro University, but it is in the afternoon, so maybe a quick trip back to Emporium Sat. for Sunday family, church and dinner. Can't get enough of those real mashed potatoes!
My friends have been encouraging me. I know I need to walk, just look under the dining room table, the dog has dragged a million things under it in his boredom.
I feel so tied to that phone for the week. It may never ring, but always seems to ring at the wrong time, like last night at the Light Parade, just when the sirens closed in on us. The risk keeps me prisoner.
But it is almost over. I read a great encouragement for the National Novel Writing Month. I can still write. And even if I don't finish it in nine days, I have a fantastic start on a novel. I have been mulling over many ideas as to where I want to go with it or where it will go.
Tomorrow is another Kinsman day. I wanted to blog about Kinsman on Wednesday, but alas, no time. My spirit soars in Kinsman and the surrounding flat farm land. I've had dreams of Kinsman since I was a little girl. The favorite house we looked at 24 years ago is there, and it graces my dreams sometimes.
One more day to go on call, because I switched with another nurse for Thursday. Mary Ellen performed in County Chorus, at one of the farthest schools in Mercer County from here. I thought of great stories to write about Lakeview, Sandy Lake. So stay tuned. Have so much to write!
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