Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7, 2000

Fortunately I was on my last call at Bentley House for work that day. I planned on picking up my mother, voting and going to a local church for pancakes. This was THE election- Bush and Gore, hanging chads, but we didn't know that then. I always vote.
The room reflected the gloomy day. My phone rang and since this lady, didn't have a clue if I answered my phone, I checked. It was the office. I clicked to say, "Hello"
"Mollie, you better call your mother, she sounds sick."
I looked at the lady and immediately pushed speed dial to Mom. A weak voice answered. "Mom, what's wrong. They said you called David twice, but only wanted to talk to me. He called the office to call me."
"Oh, I'm really sick, my left arm hurts, I've been rubbing Ben-Gay on it all night and I really have heartburn, but Tums aren't working," her voice sounded drifty.
"Mom, you got to call 911, you're having a heart attack!"
"Oh, really? You think so? Can't you just come and take me to the hospital?"
"NO! Call 911."
"They don't want us to do that here."
"Call the manager and get an ambulance. I'll meet you at the hospital."
The lady still just sat there in her haze, undaunted by my calm panic, "Good-bye" I told her and she did acknowledge that.
I quickly voted- patriot, first. Made several phone calls in the car- sh, don't tell anyone.
David stayed with home for when the girls came home from school.
Dan met me at Farrell hospital and we waited in the ER waiting room, the election on TV with early noon results- OK, I exaggerate. I think actually Oprah was on.
Just as they were calling us back to see Mom, Pastor Mike from my church had shown up. I only called for prayer, as Mom had her own church. We walked back to the room and I immediately went into CCU mode, checking her IV's, monitor, and anything else that would give me a clue what had happened. Pastor Mike talked for a short time, then asked if he could pray. Again, I am pleasantly pleased. We hold hands around Mom on the gurney. I sense peace.
(To Be Continued)
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