Tuesday, November 22, 2011

California Thanksgiving

I talked broadly of 50 years of Thanksgiving. Truly, I don't remember the ones on lower Main Street, maybe my sisters could chime in here for that.
I don't want to over look the year I chose to go to California. I wanted to extend fall warm weather and see my niece in the band. Michelle was a junior that year, Katie(still Katie Beth), a precocious four year old.
I finished working full time, ready to travel the per diem route after a stressful year as a full time case manager, my first in home health. David had great health insurance, better than my job, an argument to have more time to raise my daughter.
I believe the PA weather followed me. It even rained in Palm Springs, as well as snowed in the high desert. I loved being with my sister and her family. We relaxed in the swim spa, while the sun shone on the yellow aspens and the wind howled around the house. Windy days in the desert, cold, too.
Thanksgiving Day a gourmet meal prepared by Tony Kaiser, husband of my brother-in-law's sister graced the heavy dining room table. Organic turkey, cornbread stuffing, tarragon green beans are the dishes I remember most. We ate later in the day.
The wind died down that day allowing Diane and I to walk. The legging pants, in style then, too, provided little comfort when a huge dog raced out of a yard. He licked my upper leg, OK, buttock, but fortunately no biting. I held my breath.
I feel close to God in the desert with an incomparable quiet. The mountains rise out of Joshua National Park. These mountains also prevent a lingering sunset. The sun falls below them, darkness is upon us. No twilight.
That Sunday, the first in advent, we went to the Desert Nature Preserve* in Palm Springs. A zoo for desert animals, decorated for Christmas. The lights in the desert night charmed me. I particularly liked the red pepper lights.
We celebrate with so many traditions, but the important thing is to celebrate life and all God's glory. The heavens declare His Majesty.
*Do I have that name right, Diane or Michelle?
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