Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Teddy Tuesday

 From Teddy's Law Facebook Page. More reminders on how to keep our kids safe:

Some more info from research on Internet sexual predators. Sexual abuse of children is just one of many forms of abuse. These predators have endless patience building trust between them and a child. It's called the grooming stage. They especially zero in on a child with school or home issues. They fake compassion, they easily find out where a child attends school, what school activities they enjoy, names of friends. Chat rooms are the most dangerous, they are able to gain access to e-mail addresses and personal info.
Parental controls are available but very time consuming since all search engines need set up individually. Password protecting your router is the easiest. Kids are smart and can find ways to bypass parental controls. Do your best to caution your kids on Internet dangers. (MVD)
Don't forget that sharing photos on fb, twitter, and Instagram can actually be traced back to where the picture was taken, if it was taken on the phone. This gives hackers the ability to get a layout of where your children go the most and actually can give them a layout of your home. Saw a documentary on this a week ago, once I get the link again I'll post it. It's actually scary as the computer forensic officer didn't even know how to do this until someone else showed him.

  • Teddy's Law This is important info, so glad you learned of this. Please post link. Dosen't look like any form of communication is safe. Thanks so much. (MVD)
Monitor your kids' behavior on the Internet. Tell them to stay out
of chat rooms, that's where sexual predators reach into their bag of tricks. Sexual abuse of children is unfortunately very much alive. It doesn't all begin at home, many cases of sexual abuse of minors originates in cyberspace.
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