Friday, March 21, 2014

March Marking Time; Waiting for Change

March is blowing out and I'm glad. If there is a month that does nothing but wait, it is March. Yes, I know we have ten more days to mark the time, but I'm reflective today. March, a quarter of the year almost over, I keep my abundance picture before me. Do I wake every morning living that way? No, I must admit, a struggle ensues.
March also begins another year of employment. Last year, my daughter fought through her senior year. She sang in the musical, bringing me to tears, only a year ago. I was unemployed, waiting to embark on a new career path in nursing, a nursing home on March twenty fifth.
March is often my time for beginnings. I tire of the winter and the job I am in. Did this pattern start with David and the Navy? Maybe. My second job as a Registered Nurse began in the cold New Hampshire spring of 1983. The sub, the Archer Fish, settled into dry dock at Portsmouth Naval Yard.
We were there a year and returned to Connecticut again, late February. I entered Lawrence and Memorial Hospital in a different position than last time I left. The hospital also changed in that year, as a union had been voted in just before I left  the February the year before.
Three years later, we moved back to Western Pennsylvania in the spring. I waved good bye to Backus Hospital in Norwich with few tears in my eyes in March to pack for the return home.
I entered Medi Home Health in the early spring of 1996. Sloshing through the late snows in a new job, longing for spring. Five years later, after snow and disappointment in my husband's lack of employment, I decided to leave Medi and enter full time employment with Senior Independence.
Ten years ago, David ventured in our old station wagon to a new job in the Poconos the end of March. That happened so quickly, I still feel my head spinning. One day, few prospects, the next he's calling me, as I was driving in Columbiana County on State Route 11, near the 164 exit, that if he passed the pee test, he would be working for Lockheed Martin in some Army depot, I'd never heard before, Tobyhanna. Of course, he passed his urine test and we packed some possessions and he was off for the week.
March draws waiting. I don't do it patiently. I long all month for change. I hate the feeble attempts at spring. I cry out for summer, not the brown, dull landscape with cold temperatures. Sometimes we get hot temperatures, but they are fake, lasting a short time, then followed by blizzards. My mind feels fallow, awaiting spring and the real change.
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