Saturday, March 8, 2014

Food and Castles

A funk creeps over me. I find it hard to focus and I haven't written. I call myself a writer, but the last few days I live a sham. How can I do this? I need that plucky eighteen year old, with the looping handwriting, can do spirit. I need someone to take care of me. I have to put up the shield of faith. Those fiery darts, the lies of the enemy, pierce my confidence. The truth is I need to write, getting discouraged when I find myself distracted.
I woke from a nap yesterday, on my day off, feeling more drained than when I laid down. I waded through my day off with no focus, too many variables. I did copy the rest of that California trip, with time consuming download of the pictures. I long for the day computers do directly what we ask. I've been married almost thirty two years, waiting for my husband to get off that spinning circle too many times, too. We both have that focus problem, depending on the other to fix it.
After reading my journal from my senior year of high school, I think back on that thin girl, attempting to catch life by the horns. I jogged. I loved the early morning light, several of my entries were about that. If we could all live on a school schedule. Eight AM to two fifty two PM as the work away from home day, weekends off, with the home work. I did stay up all night on my eighteenth birthday working on a term paper, I entered in my journal. I remember that old typewriter. Or was it the electric one? I was dismal at typing on both of them. Usually, I had my mother type for me. My last term paper for high school, I determined to type myself, as I had put most of it off, due to having an educational adventure.
Maybe I miss that. Someone to keep the home fires burning while I write. And someone out working and pay the bills while I write. And of course, missing those wonderful people to believe in me, that I can do anything.
My year's picture comes to mind to taunt me. Abundance.  I need to believe. I need to rise above funks. I need to write.
I write on about California. My first trip there was in the most beautiful time of year in that state. The hills green dotted with the wild flowers. The temperatures eased into the seventies with bountiful sunshine.When we weren't exploring, a routine developed around the house on Alice. I woke early, around six because of the bright sun and I loved mornings. I read my Bible, I jogged. I enjoyed coffee and of course, wonderful Michelle.
Diane tutored a few afternoons. I babysat Michelle. I loved it. It thrilled me to see how happy Diane was to return home to her baby. Part time work for mothers is probably the best. Herman came home from the hospital every day for lunch. I learned about sourdough bread in California. I tried to eat healthy then, as well.

Slovang, California
I relished Andersen's pea soup, with Slovang's pastries. We ate Thai food. Diane cooked a variety of outstanding food. She also discovered I didn't know how to thicken gravy. I loved Kern's nectar, which is mostly sugar, but seemed healthy at the time.
Scotty's Castle

Scotty's Castle

Myself, Diane and Michelle I think on way to Kennedy National Forest

Looking from San Simeon

Scotty's Castle, oasis in the desert

Hearst Castle

Sitting on marble toilet at Hearst Castle

Dunes at Death Valley

We took the bed and bathroom tour of San Simeon, Hearst Castle, as well as contrast Scotty's Castle in Death Valley. Diane, Michelle and I drove up to Owen's Lake. The family also took a trip to Kennedy National Forest, that I loved.
More on all this next time I post.

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