Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Teddy Tuesday

If you suspect a child is being abused keep calling agencies & authorities. Document your calls - Child's name, address, approx. age, who you spoke with, date, time, why you feel the child is being abused, what you witnessed or were told. You can also notify the child's school. Inform each person you call of everone else you have contacted. Start with local police, they are required to respond. Let police notify Children's Services, then follow up on you

  1. Over the past year me and my family has went thru up and down hurdles. They death of Teddy was unbearable and could have been prevented. We pay our state employees good money to protect our children. Yet time after time they are failing them. We want to know why? How can constant calls by neighbors and teachers be ignored? In August i talked to Attorney David Engler about how i could get answers from Children Services. And after doing an investigation we found we had a case. We filed our case into federal court. As we released our information to the local media on the findings we were met with criticism. So now it is time for us to get this information out to you. Attached is only one page of a police report that shows Children Services dropped the ball. We want answers! And we want Teddy’s voice to be heard. If you cannot see this document please visit www.teddyslaw.org.
r own by calling Children's Servuces. Keep calling, please don't give up. Do your best! (MVD)
Police in Youngstown are investigating the death of child who may have died from exposure.
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