Monday, March 17, 2014


My body feels like it has been through the ringer- sometimes cliches say it best, especially if you have been through the ringer. In my case, I only feel that way. Tired, at times hungry or even a little nauseous from waiting to eat overwhelmed me today. The schedule of eight days with only one day off sets my teeth on edge, because I didn't ask for that. No overtime, either, with this schedule. I am not an overtime hog. They make up the days off this week with three. Inhuman, is what I call it.
My day off today, the sun rose bright, but still cold. March drags out winter with hidden hints of spring. She gave us no snow today. I am very grateful for that.
My friend's husband died. I attended the funeral this morning. He was young with kids in their twenties, one grandchild. He had been sick a long time. I know, though, the hole that can't be filled. I stayed for the luncheon, since so few had a Monday off.
Morose as the situation was, a comment about my book tried to put me in a spiral. I imagined all kinds of things. The bad mouth keeping the sales down. The feeling that no one supported me. The Bible calls them fiery darts and so they are. I text my Christian friend who helped me with editing. She reassured me my writing is fine for Christian readers. She let her young teen daughter read it. I still feel I'm temperamental writer.
I knew I was tired. I knew whatever decision I thought produce no good fruit. I read magazine articles, the paper and napped in the sun on the couch. That's it, I didn't take my Vitamin D or C, causing me to feel weak and down. The thirty degree temperature did not inspire a walk for me. Harrison basked in the sun on the porch while I dozed.
So in my tiredness tonight, I write in cliches because sometimes a body feels lazy and that is the best it can do. How are you doing this end of winter?
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