Thursday, March 27, 2014

Does Satisfaction Come?

Ambling along the hall passing medications and answering requests, snippets of TV shows flow. Last night, I overheard much of The Middle, with Patricia Heaton. I chuckled and identified with the theme of that episode. "How did we get to be the servants of our children?" the parents asked.
Later, the Patricia Heaton character, the mother, states, "When did we drink the Kool-Aide?" while she was with a group of parents. At least from the side of the med cart in the hall, that is how I heard it.
What I heard, sleeping on the couch because one child couldn't sleep at night, and the parents take turns leaving their comfort. The mother rushing home from work, stopping at three fast food restaurants to feed the varied tastes of the family, foregoing a fourth place for her and her husband, for fried chicken. Only made me glad we only had two children, who ate most any place. Now, about that chicken...
They lamented that their parents would have never done that for them. "I hated stuffed peppers on Thursday night," the mom recalls. The father remembered his worst meal he was forced to eat. "Our parents didn't care."
Overall, my parents were somewhat the same. My mother, commanded to sit at the table, sometimes till three in the afternoon on a Sunday, choking down cold roast beef dinner, wishing she could just have Mrs. Stein's chicken soup and listen to Mr. Stein's orchestra practice. Dad never spoke of being compelled to eat, but both growing up in the Great Depression, knew no arguing over the menu. We, then, were not force to "clean our plates," but Mom only made one meal for us. She delighted to make sauerkraut for my friend, Karen and Karen's mother, happy to have me over for chicken.
Later, though, when it was only me at home, and Burger King blew into town with the Whopper, I refused to eat any where but McDonald's. The Volks Wagen camper hosted our table. Dad went to McDonald's first, then Burger King. I got my own way, yet still made fun of their "Slopper." I'm thinking now, a slap across the face would have been in order, but they enjoyed their sandwich in the dreary cold camper at the tiny fold up table.
As old as time, our Heavenly Father gives good gifts. Jesus said, "Will your earthly father give you a stone when you ask for bread or a snake when you ask for a fish? Will not your Heavenly Father give you much greater gifts?
New Living Translation
So if you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him. Matthew 7:11.
How often do we sit in a cold cramped camper at a tiny table eating lukewarm french fries when we could have so much more? But we whine for things, make fun of the better things, and we gloat because we got our way. Yet, does satisfaction come?
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