Monday, March 24, 2014

March Is Waiting for Heaven

March is waiting for spring and being disappointed at
Crocus in 14 degree weather with snow flurries today

first. Yes, it often snows on the first, second and third day of spring, as well as up to May. Even early June can be frosty, needing mittens in the morning on the cold steering wheel. We may not see spring, but we know in our souls it is coming, by the longer sunlight, the flowers bravely peeking from the soil sensing light, not warmth, and the temps slowly warming.
God too has set eternity in human hearts. We may not believe it. We may not act like it. But none-the-less, it is there, like those plants reaching out of the dark earth for the sunlight. To me the saddest ones are the people who profess a faith, but still act like there is no Heaven.
Many years ago, I read Ted Dekker's book, The Slumber of Christianity. He proposed that the modern day Christian puts more effort into planning their vacation than thinking of Heaven. All the best moments of life palely reflect Heaven. We should learn to savor small pleasures. We, as Christians, should be as excited as a child before Christmas in our anticipation of Heaven. I have met those who are so Heavenly minded, they are no earthly good. That is not what I am talking about here. We need to find joy in the crocuses as we wait for June roses.
As I was in the Heaven theme that year, I also read Heaven by Randy Alcorn. This is literally a weighty book, over five hundred pages, that has been condensed into booklets and devotional books.  The book answers many questions about Heaven, the New Earth and how so much will be fulfilled. Randy used the Bible to answer many questions. Reading this book is hopeful.
I suspect many do not look forward to death. As I wrote in my poem, "Forgive Jesus" we fear the moment of death, not the moment after. I have the 'blessed hope' spoken of in Titus, in the New Testament, of Jesus calling His Church home, also known as the Rapture.
I always believed this possibility. Growing up with the illustrated Bible stories, published probably in the late fifties, with the pictures of cars crashing, people screaming, and then the lovely gardens and golden choirs depicting the Rapture and Heaven. The first time I noticed the slag from Sharon Steel dumping at night, I was certain it was the end of the world. I also one time thought I saw a dove fly over the moon. I am clothed in this fabric. I am not to argue when the Rapture will happen, but I do look forward to it. And whether it happens near or far, we all will leave this Earth, and meet our own personal judgement day.
March is like waiting for Heaven. Life's disappointments dim our view of Heaven. We forget the best is yet to come. If I do die before the Rapture, I want a pink fork in my hand, to recall the story of how at dinners, we are often told to keep our forks for desert to be served. Pink, only because it is a perky color that makes everyone look better. In March, as in life, I wait expectantly for more sunshine and the carefree days of early summer. In your March of life, may you, too wait expectantly for the Best thing.
American Standard Version
But watch ye at every season, making supplication, that ye may prevail to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.  Luke 21:36

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