Friday, November 8, 2013

November Continues

Aw, the poet in me should come out, but "Not feeling it" today. I woke to clear blue skies and sunshine that gradually dissolved into gray, again. As I took some garbage out wearing my Birkenstock sandals that support my arches, the snow spits. Why did I write about snow yesterday?
I think, "I'm a hearty western Pennsylvanian girl. No a really hearty one goes out in inches of snow in bare feet. I don't like the feel of dirty feet."
I did go out in heavy snow in bare feet on a sleep over with seven junior high girls during Christmas vacation around the new year, when snow comes with a vengeance. Of course, it was after midnight when the parents retreated to their bedroom. We laughed at the snow and ran out in our bare feet at one or two in the morning.  Our run in the first heavy snowfall of the new year related distantly to a polar bear swim. I suppose if we had been near a lake that probably would have happened, too.
I am strong and November won't get me down. I feel the power of God's favor surge through me, as I look at the many projects in my home, as well, as my writing endeavors. I think this morning, maybe I'm not asking for enough. You know, the adage, "your dreams are too small" telling me I'm limiting myself.
Thousands of words need to be written for NaNoWriMo today, as well. Mostly through this journey of writing, I have to remember I have to write. The low numbers are telling me to stick to writing, improving and always depend on God. I search for voice or a stronger voice. I also know to stay true to myself.
Oh, November, I'm grateful for the introspection you demand. 

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