Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Am a Winner

I did it. I hit the fifty thousand word mark. This year, I tried some other tricks. Checking my word count earlier with the National Novel Writing Month counter. Then, I did another thing because of getting ready for Thanksgiving, I took breaks, not from writing, but from the actual story. So, even though, I completed the goal of the word count, the real work now begins. I ran around the story during the breaks. I thought about the story and wrote my thoughts.
The work begins. I love this story, too. I guess one has to love what one writes. Well, maybe not, I guess could be debated. I got bogged down with some details and needed to work them out. I wrote about that. I thought of Emma Thompson in Stranger than Fiction with her character, Will Ferrell, hearing her voice telling the story about him. I explored how writing really is showing and telling. We must tell some. I thought how the new trend is telling while the actors show the story. The Wonder Years popularized that. Arrested Development uses it so much in this season that the actors almost don't have to work. Since we are coming into the Christmas season, A Christmas Story, the Jean Sheppard story of 'you'll shoot your eye out' also utilized this type of story telling on the screen. The original writer for The Wonder Years found the new writers as the show grew popular wanted to use the technique to overkill, and he had to restrain them, like kids with a new toy.
Well, the marathon is over. I wrote over seven thousand words one day to keep with the deadline, but that wasn't today. Today only a little over five thousand. I know I can do this and I want to continue the slow and steady race. But deadlines are important. I will set mine up again for Last Free Exit and Country.
Tonight, though, I have completed the National Novel Writing Month and I will keep a Sabbath day of rest tomorrow. I am not sure I will even want to open the lap top.  I have reading to do. I have a historical home to visit their Christmas tree display on State Route 62 in Hermitage. Maybe I'll watch a movie to allow my mind to rest.  I'll take a long winter nap to bless my soul.
I have earned a bit of a rest, but I will not stop. I will continue to write and rewrite, revise and edit. I anticipate the continued work of creating stories. And I love it, still.
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