Monday, November 4, 2013


I'm grateful for God's timing. I looked at my checking account history and though my royalty check was not for a great amount, it gave me wiggle room until my nursing home world paycheck was deposited.
This morning, this song is playing through my mind.
I need to worship. I hope you will, too.
I remember writing about November in Connecticut. I haven't searched for those journals, yet. November first one year, I ranted about the dark month of November. It came in with rain and the sun set forty five minutes earlier in the east than in our lingering mid west of western Pennsylvania. I despised November coming and the end of fall.
I have since learned to love this month. I strove to make the whole month a grateful month when my children were young. I wanted it to be more than the one day at the end of the month.
I ranted for a while that some people decorated for Christmas before the holiday of Thanksgiving. One year, I realized if we have nothing else, we have Jesus, who loved us and died on the cross for me and you. For that alone, I am grateful. I need nothing else. And the Christmas decorations never bothered me again. Why should we not celebrate the Greatest's birthday? I don't like the celebration of winter, but that is another story.
Now that I'm even older, I realized this year, that as fast as time seems to be going, summer will be here again. I'm not sure it is just being a "old person," either. My daughter notices the quick passing of time.
November has also came to be NaNoWriMo. A time I hunker down with writing a novel. I became aware of a theme for my novel yesterday during the sermon. I had the opening back in the summer. The characters appeared in dreams along with a plot. Now, they are waiting to be written. No writing yesterday, even with the extra hour. Church, saying good bye to my husband and working consumed my time. I'll get that word count up tomorrow when I'm off. I'll write a little today.
I am grateful today for God's timing in many ways.

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