Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Teddy's Law Tuesday

Child abuse brought home last week as a grammy's tears welled up when she related the abuse of the granddaughter who lives with her now. The father hurled insults and punches at the mother. The mother didn't possess the strength to stop it, until a health crisis brought about the divorce to end the marriage. Grammy kept calm until she mentioned the father made the granddaughter watch inappropriate videos, then the composure collapsed with the tears and sobs.
The granddaughter suffers because the mother never came to her rescue. The mother finds herself in another relationship with the boyfriend starting on the emotional trauma. Because they share the same household now, Grammy steps in this time. She prays her daughter will break off with this man. She speaks plainly to her daughter. She may wish she had done this before. But the question is would the daughter have listened? If we could only know what causes this, maybe mothers could fight it more.
As I read other abuse stories, the theme of a woman choosing a relationship over her children runs through it. Surely, in Teddy's case that is how it happened. A woman's self esteem low enough to think this is right. Grandparents deal with guilt of how did their daughters think this was normal.
Pray for these grandparents who walk the thin line. Open their eyes to see the abuse. Give them courage to fight for their grandchildren.   Teddy's Law strengthens this cause. I'm sure the fear they may offend their children, causing a retreat holds them back. The Bible says, "Perfect love casts out fear." We have to live by love, not fear. We must speak up for the children of abuse. All our eyes must be opened.
It is happening in your church, in the schools and in the stores. Watch for the children.
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