Saturday, November 9, 2013

Inner Voice

Last evening around ten, three Sharon High School students were killed in a car accident. This post will not to go into detail about this. Again, though, their deaths bring to light, the fragility of life. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Some times we seem to need reminders.
My novel I'm writing now is about high school students who just graduated. It is the beginning of a remarkable summer with the 'super moon' affecting the world. The scene I was writing last night on my comfy couch was about Amber from Summer Triangle and her friends witnessing to some younger girls at Sheetz. She hears from the Holy Spirit (or that inner voice) to bring these girls to a decision.
During the process, I took a break while first Katie, then David leaned on my shoulder. We watched Captain America. I was not as interested in the action scenes. I'm a story person. I kept saying, I hear helicopters, that must be helicopters. Now when we hear helicopters at my house, they are from the Sharon hospital, life flights leaving for Pittsburgh or Cleveland. No one seemed to pay attention to me.
This morning, in the headlines, I read about the accident. Senior foot ball players not playing the play off game in Erie today, the game cancelled. I cry, not because I know these boys, although I might know something about them or their parents, but I cry at the loss of potential, the robbing of a senior year. I pray for the parents, who never knew they were saying good bye for the last time.
So today be grateful for your children. Don't smother them, but love them. I'm grateful for the inner voice of the Holy Spirit and pray that those who follow Him will listen to the voice. Many comforting words will need to be said in Sharon in the next weeks.
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