Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some of the Most Important Things

The next year of 1975, after Mom and Dad finished with their four days with the final shift at the Children's Home, we left for Fredricksburg, Virginia. We traveled through the night. I slept most of the trip, stretched out in the back seat, when no one panicked about seat belts.
I woke just as we got off the exit. Except for one wrong turn, which I quickly adjusted, I was able to direct my dad to Dan and Jody's apartment. Jody couldn't believe I remembered from a year earlier. I knew then I had inherited my dad's sense of direction. We were supposed to call Jody from the exit, at a pay phone, of course. But I surprised her.  The best part is Dad trusted me.
I loved riding in that back seat. I had a cozy spot, with blanket and pillow. I read the whole way home.  I read a book about the end times- before Left Behind. I was still in my close walk with Jesus, then. I read books, like Chuck Colson's Born Again, and a Pat Robinson's book, that I can't remember the name, the topic was on his starting the 700 Club.
I can't remember much what we did that year. We only had the three days that Mom and Dad were off work. Jody was working this year at a restaurant, like Country Kitchen. All I know it was good Dad was able to drive on long journeys again. We went a few years when he was not able to take these trips. He didn't work the shifts any more, so we were together a lot. Good things can come out of bad. Relationships and time spent on them are the some of the most important things in life.
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