Thursday, July 12, 2012

Day Four- Fourth of July

 We finally got our beach day, although, in the morning I didn't think it would happen. I woke early. Waited for the opportunity of lull in the breakfast crowd, then made the best Belgium waffle. I think I want one- an iron specifically for that. I observed the morning crowd. Kids just have that sleepy look, with slightly messed up hair. The best this day was the four year old boy with his toy Black and Decker chain saw, with goggles. He was ready to do some work.
I returned to the motel room and with the gray darkness and everyone still sleeping, I slumbered, too. A storm passed, I vaguely heard the thunder. I do feel isolated in a motel room.
We woke around eleven. Thank goodness for the noon check-out time. Scrambled around, packing and deciding to be ready for the beach. We ate snack food, trail mix and Grandma's cookies. David drank his Pepsi.
We drove around the Isle again till we found our beach 6. I have come to call that one, home. I think the storm cooled the lake water some. I don't think it was 76 degrees anymore. We messed around in the waves for about an hour. Then read on the blanket. David is not a fan of the beach, which is why Tuesday was to be our beach day so he could do the other Erie stuff he likes to do. But we were heading home today and he was antsy.
I returned to the water one more time. Then strolled quite a ways down the shore. The clouds rolled back and sun with higher temperatures ruled the day. With the breeze, the heat didn't oppress. Soon though, the hunger pains of the skimpy breakfast and my early one, pushed us to Taco Bell. Then we jumped on I-79 south.
Time to journey home through the pastoral settings of northwest Pennsylvania. The rolling hills, the expanses from the hill tops, the Great Marsh, Amish and English farms with white houses and fences. I did sleep some.
Our air conditioning broke some time while we were gone. The house, stuffy, and of course hot, made me feel for the people who had lost their electricity with the storms earlier. Windows quickly opened, house fan chugging away. I fell into a stupor through the night with the droning and heat.
Animals were thrilled we were home. I get almost knocked over by Harrison when I have been gone for a while like this. The next morning, I remained in the stupor, being dragged out of bed to tell David which A/C repair man I wanted to come. We called him five years ago, when our kids both graduated from high school.
All my energy when away stayed in Erie. My most ambitious chore was laundry. But isn't that the purpose of vacations- to rest and relax and rest?

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