Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Three

The day produced the showers, actually heavy downpours, with the sun shining. We decided against a beach day. Breakfast, lunch for me, at the Cracker Barrel started the day for the girls. We shopped around the Millcreek Mall, I don't remember it being so big, while a headlight was replaced by Sear's.
I didn't mention the friendly people in Erie. I wanted to post on Facebook that I want to move to Erie, but avoided mentioning I was away. In K-Mart, first the clerk was very helpful, not surly. OK, she's paid to be helpful. Then as I reached out to another shopper tracking down the sunblock, I decided we were some kind of twins. At the same time, we both said we like No-Ad sunblock and SPF 15. Another lady shopper in K-Mart, spoke a cheerful comment.
The AAA clerk and I struck a conversation like we knew each other for a long time. Then David noticed the openness of the community. My theory is summer is their one good season and they are making the most of it.

After shopping most of the afternoon, we needed refreshment. Off to Presque Isle for the famous orange cream twist at Sara's. One size fits all. The sun peaked out from the clouds. We drove around the peninsula, making a stop at the Perry Monument. Reading the placards, we heard rumbling. We continued around the circular drive.
Then we saw the sky, scrambled onto this beach and watched the storm roll over the lake. Until the lifeguard sneered that we had to leave the beach, because they had been evacuated, so why did we think we were better than the lifeguards?
Our visit broke the drought. We rushed through the downpour to a Backyard Burger. We felt sorry for the bikers leaving as we got our food.
Not quite shopped out, after the storm, we lingered for an hour and half at Barnes and Noble. I wish I had brought my phone camera in, but I protected it from the rain. The clouds broke up and a sun so bright and orange pink glowed through the damp air. I then settled in a comfortable chair and read excerpts from a book I'm contemplating buying. I already bought one book that day at Books  A Million.-John Wesley's book of sermons on the Holy Spirit and Power, language brushed up a bit for modern readers, but it also was in the van.
We got back to the motel too late for me to swim. Back hurt in the morning. With two TV's and the internet, the family settled down with contentment.
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