Monday, July 30, 2012

New Blog?

I'm reading a book by Frank Delaney, Tipperary. I'm about over half way through the novel. The time being present as a history teacher has found a manuscript by man born in 1860, Ireland, writing his country's history. There are other sources to the story, like the writer's mother's journal. The man from the 1800's is named George O'Brien.
George is a traveling healer, deciding against being a doctor, but learning healing arts from a more experienced healer. His brother, Euclid, is a sickly young man, who stays at home. George regales his brother with stories of his journeys. Euclid calls them "Tales from the Road."
If you do not know, I am a home health nurse and have been traveling the road for 20 years. I find myself entertaining family and friends with "tales from the road." Being careful of privacy, of course. So many instances are so similar. Trailer parks, old farmhouses, new mansions, elderly apartments and low rent apartments. The sweet farm couples, the fascinating hoarders, old ladies or men residing in their recliners, the ones who are never home(Medicaid). The smokers and those who think you smoke because you just left a smoker's home. There are differences among them all, but I can start a story and a fellow home health nurse will identify. Then I delve into the facts of this patient.
So when I read Euclid's quote, I thought, that could be the name of my blog. I have the travel stories of my youth, as well as the home health stories and stories now of vacations.
What do you think, reader? Should I make the blog more specific than my musings? Or shall I bite off one more chunk of life with another blog?
Do you want to hear more about the book I'm reading. I felt like an inadequate writer as I read Mr. Delaney's description of a World War I widow. Do I dare make the changes? I won't reread the section. Wow, I thought, I never thought of that. I have so much research to do once I write my stories, then rewrite them.
Let me know what you think. I value your opinion.

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