Friday, July 20, 2012

God So Loves You

I'm not the only one to notice this. I've been called a hater because of my traditionalist views by strangers. I feel more hate from those defending a view than those standing up for beliefs of all Americans, no matter how varying they may be. I thought and prayed about posting this. Fear started to take over, until I remember God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love and self control. I hope this post helps someone else struggling with our changing world.
Spring of 2011, as I shopped, I prayed, "Dear Lord, help me to see this homosexuality issue through Your eyes." I know He loves them. I know He also thinks the act is wrong.
Not long after, I heard the story of Christopher and Angela Yuan on the radio. They wrote a book together of their journey, Out of a Far Country. I bought the book as soon as I could. I also gave it away to my niece because as I read it, I felt she needed to read it as well. He gave me the explanation that I needed.
Chris came out of dangerous homosexual, drug lifestyle being HIV positive. His mother also had to make her journey into the love of God. He will not say whether he was made homosexual or that it is a sin. He, after much studying and thinking on this subject of his life, has come to the conclusion that God calls us to holy sexuality. He does not feel he needs to be married to serve God. Nor does he want a homosexual relationship again. Jesus is to be our focus in life.
Chris spoke with such love and understanding, I cried, as I listened. I knew God was answering my prayer. He calls us all into a relationship with His son. Maybe as Paul says, we should be unmarried. But God created marriage as a way to glorify Him, and a symbol of His relationship with His people.
I know this will draw controversy if I had a large audience. But as I know people in the gay lifestyle, I must reach out in love. Even if they don't appreciate that my beliefs are based on Romans 1 and 2. I know God so loved the world. I want to be like God in that respect.
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