Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day One- Summer Vacation 2012

I set up the format for the contest. It wasn't too hard, but I have to be online to write on it. I have my work cut out for me. I may be spending hours at a place with wireless. Or rising earlier than my usual time. I dusted off the manuscript yesterday, and boy, could I do some cutting and revision. It is good to let some time simmer a pot. Again, I ask for prayers as I embark on this endeavor.
So as I promised, vacation stories from earlier this week, with pictures. We arrived in Emporium at our usual late time, 930PM. David's parents were just leaving the porch. I call them Mom and Dad, have since before I was married. Sometimes, now I do refer to them as Grandma and Grandpa, since I'm with three of their grandchildren often-my daughters and David's niece.
Dad, unfortunately, has a mind that is retreating into the non-memory land. It now seems to be getting worse by the day. As Katie says, he has a hard time even remembering the script. This affects us all, as he was such a strong leader. I keep thinking that was only five years ago, he ruled the house and his family.
Sunday, I sat next to him in church. Communion was celebrated. The liturgy for this shines on the screen in front. Dad quietly reads along and my heart melts in a way I have a hard time describing. I am moved. The pastor, Chris, who is a retired woman minister, leads the sacrement. She offers Jesus' love. All of this, has made this Lord's supper one of the most meaningful ones for me in a long time. I felt Chrirst's presence in our midst. And I'm sad, my words are unable to convey the mystery I felt.
After this service, I feel changed, more loving, more forgiving, more like Jesus. I talked with Pastor Chris to tell her how God worked through her love. We end up talking a long time. Her last charge was in Fredonia and Big Bend, what the Methodists call a two point charge. I know the area well, as it was my first territory when I started home health nursing twenty years ago. She had just been in the Charleston UM church for a funeral the day before. They used the bigger sancturary since Big Bend is a small white country church. She is fascinated with writers and I tell her ministers and their stories fascinate me. Also, my heroine in the novel I'm presently writing is named Christina, she is Christine. I love cookie hours after church, especially when it starts at ten.

Sunday is pleasant, hot, but not humid. I love the blue and green of Pennsylvania in the summer. In the evening, we sat on the large porch. Watched the moon rise and visited. The mosquitoes didn't come near.
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