Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stuck in the 70's

I just read an article about Farrah Fawcett's feathered hair style. My, how everyone wore that. I looked at photos I carried in my wallet when I was in high school and post, since some were senior pictures, as well as my nursing school classmates. That hair blown back from our face, maybe a little dippy do on the ends. The boys had hair like that, too.
I knew one boy a few years older than I, with beautiful blonde, almost white, hair. His style perfected I heard with a curling iron. I know I worked my hair for an hour in the morning. I used the hand dryer, I set it in hot curlers and then added touches with the curling iron. Every single morning, except Saturday, if I were staying home to clean, but sometimes I had to be out volunteering for something. Then I worked on the perfect hair.
I studied those pictures yesterday. We thought we were all different. Yet, we were so uniformed. I think today, it seems the high school girls all have long hair in pony tails. If the girl is a jock, she also wears a headband.
I loved the blow dryer when it became popular. I styled my hair with grace. I loved my hair. I felt sorry for the women older than I, who hadn't learned how to style their hair within these trends. Now, I feel sorry for me, as I sometimes washed my hair three times a day, so I would get the "look." Why was I so obsessed with my hair. I didn't even watch Charlie's Angels. Or much TV at all. But I wanted to be fashionable. I wanted to fit in and turn heads.
I read the article on Farrah's hair influence the day after I thought of the quest for the perfect feathered style. This trend is making a comeback. Styles are like that. Seems someone gets a look and soon it is seen everywhere from news anchors to teachers. And they always return with a twist on the original.
We are watching the American Film Institute's top 100 films. I forget some of the movies that I saw so long ago. The 70's styles flash back. I think it is funny how when I see some actors that were so fresh at first, I realize how they are that person imitating many other persons, but still that person, after all these years. Still great actors, but as Solomon said-"Nothing new under the sun."
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