Sunday, July 15, 2012

Art and Ice Cream

The day spent mostly in travel to get a wand for the old Rainbow vacuum cleaner. I love how we have one thing on our agenda and end up having a full day. Cloudy, humid day makes being in air conditioned car a pleasure.
A Rainbow vacuum uses water if you are not familiar with this. We bought it the fall after we were married as some salesman making the rounds in our apartment complex knocked on our door. Six hundred dollars in 1982 was quite a tidy sum, that I believe we even financed it. I love the idea of no bags to empty, no dust. Changing sweeper bags always seemed counter-productive to me. I love my Rainbow. I feel it cleans best.
The problem with just wanting to get a part for a thirty year old vacuum cleaner that is sold in a pyramid scale is the salesperson wants to sell you a new one. The new ones are twenty three hundred dollars. After we picked up the new wand to fit our model, we visited a pet store in the unimpressive Meadville Plaza. David then drove by the store as we left the plaza with the warning to not look at the vacuum store, because the owner will run out to sell us a vacuum cleaner. Quick, duck!
We were on US Route 6, or Conneaut Lake Road. Six miles to the town of Conneaut. Conneaut Lake is the biggest natural lake in Pennsylvania. I remember the Lewis family reunions on some of the hottest days of the year, taking that pontoon boat out to the middle, diving in that deep cold water. Cooled a person to the core, just what you want when it is hot. I had David drive by the Campbell cottage. Houses are very close to it now. Even resort areas, only good for a few months of the year, grow up.(See 8/14/11 post)
We would have loved to do more, but our oldest daughter had to work. So I directed David down State route 18 over the Great Marsh and Amish country, the rolling hills of our lake country.
Katie suggested that Penn State Creamery was set up at the Hermitage Arts Festival. We made a stop there behind the city building beside the high school. It's not a very big festival, but always fun to wander through the booths of crafty items. Chandler Beatty following in his mother's footsteps with his art. Similar painting style, but more defined in detail. Not so many barns and landscapes. We joked about art being local observing his zebra painting of part of the face, focusing on the eye. The zebra lives at Pymatuning Deer Park in Jamestown, PA, so it is local. I think I have a magazine article in the making.
We didn't get our ice cream as Penn State had no presence at this affair. We donated to the children's cancer fund for some lemonade. We were still very full from our dinner in Meadville.
I love creativity. I feel a little restless like I should have my laptop to tap away writing something as I sit and observe the people. I love the live bands. I love the smell of  Seeds of Faith barbeque. I love running into people I know. I love talking history as a print of Mt. Hickory sits at the Hermitage Historical Society booth. I find out some one is writing a book about the Pierce family and the connection to Barbara Bush. Oh, the time to meet people for more than fleeting conversation. I will meet Rod Alexander who is writing this book.
I'm full of hope and ideas tonight as I reflect on my day. I pray now for energy to carry through. I pray for the grace to accept my limitations at this time. A little bit of ice cream would help, too. I doubt they have peachy Paterno any more.
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