Tuesday, February 21, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Sitting here wondering what to write about and then, "Oh, yeah!" I wanted to celebrate that I have been blogging for a year. Only a year.  I wish I could look at more stats. I really want to celebrate when I get fifty readers in one day. I got forty once, impressing me.
My all time most popular post was on April 20-"Just the Facts, Ma'am" about the lies taught my generation about doing it all. We can't do it all at once. A woman's heart breaks the first time she has to leave that baby in day care. Funny, now, my girls are listening to Parks and Recs, Leslie talking about women breaking the glass ceiling. I think "Facts" really touched a nerve.The initial post to get the ball rolling was "Goodnight Gracie" the day before.
I feel, no matter how old my children are, the desire to be home and involved in their lives never leaves me. I am blessed with wonderful girls. Katie is my helper, with running Mary Ellen after school, shopping, cooking and some clean-up. The doctor explained to the resident that I am like a single mom. It is not what it is cracked up to be. Although, I have it better than others, I know.
I'm excited that I have been blogging a year and have grown steady with it. I want to thank my readers.
I'd write more but the world's largest kitten is laying on my lap oblivious to my attempts to type.
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