Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Preachers- Part 4

Ray Fenton, I've mentioned before. I believe he made the biggest impression on my dad's Christian life. I have a book of famous sermons on my book shelf that used to belong to Ray. I am going to read them some day.
Ray came from Struthers, OH. He was ordained in the dark brick Presbyterian church on the corner of Bridge St.(OH 616.) His mother ended up living at Park Vista, 5th Avenue, Youngstown, long before I started to work at Senior Independence- Ohio Presbyterian Retirement Services,of which Park Vista is also a part.
Ray's wife was Maxine, a registered nurse, I noted her when my mother had her ectoptic pregnancy. The manse was on South Street, across Main St, where we lived and behind Mae and Cliff's(Mayclif) laundry, along the alley that ran between our house and the church.
They served our church before I was born. I know our families had great times at Massenetta Springs, VA, Harrisonburg, VA camp and conference center. I'm sure my sisters can chime in about this. Mom talked often of the great fellowship and the food. They have to go hand in hand. Fresh peaches on homemade ice, now that's what I'm talking about, forget that cantaloupe! I never got there, although it was a fond dream of my parents never forgotten.
Ray persuaded my father to not give up work on Sundays. Dad felt convicted of keeping the Sabbath, and would not go to work nor get paid for missing. Ray told Dad, God also intended for him to support his family. Dad hated to miss church.
Mom also told me how Maxine used her maiden name, Joyce, for one of the girls middle name. Joyce proved easy for that. Dad for a long time didn't like Thompson for his middle name, often when he was in the service, he would say it was Thomas.
The Fenton/Lewis friendship appeared so fruitful to me. Mom definitely looked at these years as good. I wish I had been a part of them.
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