Friday, May 31, 2013

Clepper Manor Fitness Program

I want to write something. I'm driven to write. Today, though, I have run out of time. I am doing the Clepper fitness plan. I have been pushing the medicine cart this week and standing most of my eight hour shift. I still like to walk outside for recreation, very recreational with the sniffing hound. My feet are hurting.
A few weeks ago, I noticed the charts did not feel as heavy when I lifted them for all the filing I must do. Helping with patients in bed, I discovered I had to hold back, as I may hit their head on the head board. My arms got stronger.
I'm hoping my feet and legs get stronger, too, as I continue this new task at my job. Trepidation at the thought of being responsible for twenty seven patients' medications and treatments made me uncomfortable. Can I handle this? I admire the girls who do this all the time and realize it does take us all about three hours to get those nine o'clocks passed, even on a quiet night.
Oh, we must not forget the diet. Eating? Not much for the eight hours. The best part of all this, is I'm not too hungry when I get home, so something to keep me from fainting is all I can do.
The temperature of a sauna and sweating most of the night also must contribute something to the weight loss. I don't want so much to be skinny as to be able to walk to the bathroom in  the morning, instead of the hobbling this old lady is doing now. Park Vista has an indoor pool for their rehab, do you think Clepper Manor could install one for the continuing fitness program? Not with two percent reduction in Medicare reimbursement.
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