Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Is Anybody Out There?

Let's see, was yesterday's post confusing for anyone? Sometimes I have these ideas floating around in my brain and I see them clearly, but wonder do I convey my message? I'm edging toward fiction in my writing, not sure how that will relay in this blog. I want to tell stories  that encourage and bring us closer to Jesus.
I think with some topics, fiction brings the idea home more personally. Maybe that was what I was trying to say yesterday. A story envelopes you, brings you into a situation, if the writer gets the reader to participate. The book you can't put down, even with hunger pangs screaming from your stomach. You know, stirring the pot with one hand and the book in the other. Also the story should make you think as well as feel. An important subject preying on your mind for days, even in your sleep, dreaming about it.
I am craving more feedback from my readers. I see the stats and wonder who across the world is reading me and do they like it? What are their lives and struggles? I see Russia, France, UK, Latvia, Singapore on my audience page, yet they are silent. Are they real? Is it made up? How do I know?
The under reporting of the Amish story about the cult down near Stubbenville, OH makes me wonder, should I have been a reporter? I know there is a story there, because I talked to the leader's family yesterday. I want to investigate. I know there is a reason I didn't pursue journalism when I was young. I wanted to be married and raise a family. My mother encouraged nursing because it was "a nice part time job." And it was that. I loved being per diem.
Last night, I again expressed gratitude for my job in the people I meet. I wouldn't necessarily be welcomed into as many varied homes as I have been. And all the stories I've heard and will use in fiction. When I first started home health,  many people were from an earlier time than now, born in early 1900's. I feel I have touched a hundred years of history easily.
I'll get back to telling stories of junior high soon. I guess I'm asking, like John Adams in 1776, "Is anyone out there?"
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