Friday, May 17, 2013

Writer Influencer- Part 1

Another influence in my writing was Anne Morrow Lindbergh. My mother adored her and the books of her collection of diary and letters published in the 70's thrilled Mom.
Mom raved and raved about this heroine, who caught the eye of the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh. She bought the two books, Hour of Gold, Hour of Lead, and Bring Me a Unicorn. I, too, read them. I emulated her writing on mundane activities. Her entry on the delicacy, a bowl of corn flakes, prompted many descriptions of mornings and the joy a spring or early summer morning bring to my heart, in my private journals. I started, when reading her diaries, a habit of writing more than the list of the activity of the day, but added my thoughts and emotions.
As I try to write this I am seeing I need more time than I have to write, before I need to go to work. One of the ideas I picked up from reading these books, that I started reading again last night, is to write in private. "A cloistered life of books," Anne named it. As the notoriety of her famous life with Prince of the air, crept into her writing time, she felt it suffered for a while.
Her book, Gift From the Sea, I bought many copies and gave to every woman I knew, sisters for their birthdays, and to nurses, parting gifts when I moved from job to job in my early twenties. A slim book packed with wisdom for the modern woman, I may need to revisit.
I will continue this tomorrow when I have more time to write.
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