Thursday, May 2, 2013

Prom Photos

 Many asked or commented on my prom pictures I posted yesterday. The girl in the white was not me. My sisters are thirteen months apart in age and I am younger than my siblings. Being four in the age of innocence, I spent the hot spring day playing outside all day while the sisters prepared for prom.
My father joked often that I could hear the camera click- when cameras clicked. The time for coming in for supper had most likely arrived. I appeared, fascinated by the transformation of my sisters, the first prom for both of them. I rushed to stand beside these princesses, quickly my brother and grandpa held me back. Dad snapped these photos of me. Uncleaned, but always ready for the camera. Grandpa must have been there to watch me, while my parents snapped pictures at Grand March at the high school.
Dan and Glen States, a few years later were the subject for next photos, 1968. Dad must have been working afternoon turn. Mom took these prom pictures. I had calmed down by the time I was seven. I fascinated over Dan's date's silver sparkly shoes. She was not a girlfriend and didn't fawn over me. The ice princess could have been her role. At seven, princesses continued to enthrall me.
Last year I wrote about Mary Ellen's junior prom, my first as a mother.
Prom season is upon us. Spring is fleeting, the flowers fade, but I love the promise of spring. This year, prom is anticlimactic. I work afternoon turn. We are keeping it low key, but can't beat the price of one dollar for the dress. Pictures to come after Friday. I'm encouraging Mary Ellen to come to Clepper Manor. A beautiful courtyard graces the grounds. I hope the kids will stop for a moment.

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