Sunday, May 19, 2013

No Delays

Sunday is almost over with thirty five minutes to go. Rented movies place an urgency on me to watch on time. Yet, if it is not compelling, observing it can be a torture. Lincoln fell into this category, tonight. I also felt overpowered by sleep this evening.
I had a busy day, so I noticed the droopy eyelids near seven o'clock. My body gave into the slumber and the love seat in the living room aided my release. The movie pushed into the DVD player woke me up, since I felt obligated to watch it.
I enjoyed my writer's group as it was a smaller gathering. I became better acquainted. Two have been published a long time, so I gleaned all I could from their conversation. We sat near windows at a coffee shop. Barnes and Noble has essentially made it known they don't support writers anymore. Some of the group are even published on Nook. The people in the store could agree with the writers but the story is this comes from corporate. Oh, where are the locally owned book stores any more? Years ago, they told me they met at Stigliano's in Hermitage.
Jerry Stigliano couldn't compete with the online book ordering as consumers eliminated the middle man of a store. I have my theory that Jerry's heart wasn't in it as much as when he started. I do miss his store, the fireplace and Vance, the big orange cat, doing the cat things, like sleeping wherever he wanted. I understood, but wished as Jerry closed shop that we could have supported him more.
I travel to Boardman, not a hardship once a month on a Sunday. My daughters rode along and shopped. We shopped some more, rode through Mill Creek Park, showing off the Cinderella bridge, ending up at Cracker Barrel. Then I took in the sunshine on the fresh green landscape, as Katie slept and Mary Ellen read her new book. As I approached home the tiredness from the day slipped on me and I shook it off to make it home.
Harrison seemed to know as he nudged my hand, but content to lay beside me on the love seat. So I reach my bed soon. I'll be up for the morning cool walk. I can't put it off. In western Pennsylvania to let a day of eighty degree temperature pass is a sin in my opinion. No delays from a movie, rented or not, should be allowed.
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